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Die Casting Machine Auto Ladle

The die casting machine auto ladle is a reliable machine. It is resistant to wear and tear. additionally, the machine is highly efficient with least maintenance costs. 

Die Casting Machine Automatic Extractor

The die casting machine automatic extractor is used for the automated production. It significantly works with high speed and has the automatic or independent working ability.

Die Casting Machine Vertical Sprayer

Die casting machine vertical sprayer has the serve motor, used for fast spraying applications. The high efficient work ability helps in spraying with perfect movement vertically. 

Die Casting Machine Servo Sprayer

The die casting machine servo sprayer is used for replacing the manual injection of mold release agent to die casting. It has high endurance and uses less energy, thus is energy efficient. 

Release Agent Mixer

A release agent mixer is used for molding the release agent. It is resistant to any defect and has efficient work ability with long service life. Both general and special agents are properly mixed.

Aluminium Melting Furnace

Aluminum melting furnace is used as a holding furnace. It is definitely an efficient solution for melting the aluminum scraps and other articles. It is designed for flawless continuous working.

Robotic System

Robotic systems are considered as intelligent services. They can easily systematize the die cast process. And perform the casting tasks with ease as well as efficiency.