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Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine

Hot chamber die casting machines are primarily suited for copper, lead, zinc, and other low melting point alloys. These work well with the assistance of the metal holding furnace, which can be attached to the machine by making of a metal feeding system. The Hot chamber die casting machines are suited for faster-cycling production and have intricate cast-in detail. Offered machines enable reduced porosity, extended die casting die life and lower melting points. The machines allow for less waste reduction. These are the held stable products, which can avoid the occurrence of the defective products caused by nozzle blockage or temperature fluctuation.

Die Casting Sprue Seperator Conveyor And Roller

Price: 10000-20000 USD ($)/Set

1.Adopt conveyor to transfer zinc die castings and double roller to seperate sprue and product. 2.Use artificial intelligence controller,which could set different working mode and satisfy different production requirement.

Product Image (DC200T)

Hot Chamber Magnesium Die Casting Machine

Price: 65000-80000 USD ($)/Set
  • Supply Ability:30 Per Month
  • Delivery Time:45 Days
Product Image (DC200T)

Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine

The material, nozzle body and gooseneck are heated by electricity,temperature could be held stable to avoid defective products due to nozzle blockage or temperature change. High rigidity die locking system contents with high speed machine.It is impact- resistant and has long service life.