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Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine

Cold chamber die casting machines, offered by us are totally ideal for the metals, offered with high melting points as well as corrosive properties. The machines perform a process where in the corrosion problem gets evaded. These are used for separating the melt pot from the components of injector. Cold chamber die casting machines boast of low energy consumption, advanced melting rate, perfect gas-mixing and methodical blending of gas. Also, these allow for smooth flow. They have parts and equipment, which ensure product quality as well as repeatability. Also, they have multi-stage speed control as well as flexible process control. The process of the provided machines can lessen the porosity defect.
Product Image (DC630T)

Magnesium Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine

Price: 40000-60000 USD ($)

*Low energy consumption,high melting rate; *Perfect gas-mixing station promises thoroughly mixing of gas,smooth flow

Product Image (DC300T)

Brass Die Casting Machine

Price: 50000-60000 USD ($)

Corrosion resistance, even in salt water applications Extreme temperature-resistance, even in a burning building Excellent electrical conductivity

Product Image (DC630T)

Servo Motor Control Die Casting Machine

Price: 95000-105000 USD ($)

Servo system can response quickly and the pressure change between 0 to 100% can reach 30ms,which can improve efficiency by 5%-12% Lower hydraulic oil temperature and reduce the use of cooling water by 30% to prolong the hydraulic components service life Improve working environment and decrease noise.

Product Image (DC800T)

Real Time Control Die Casting Machine

Price: 130000-140000 USD ($)

Whole process close loop control to ensure product quality repeatability Multi-stage speed control to provide flexible process control setting Constant acceleration slow speed injection to reduce porosity defect