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Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine

Product Image (DC630T)

Magnesium Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine

Price: 40000-60000 USD ($)

*Low energy consumption,high melting rate; *Perfect gas-mixing station promises thoroughly mixing of gas,smooth flow

Product Image (DC630T)

Servo Motor Control Die Casting Machine

Price: 95000-105000 USD ($)

Servo system can response quickly and the pressure change between 0 to 100% can reach 30ms,which can improve efficiency by 5%-12% Lower hydraulic oil temperature and reduce the use of cooling water by 30% to prolong the hydraulic components service life Improve working environment and decrease noise.

Product Image (DC300T)

Brass Die Casting Machine

Price: 50000-60000 USD ($)

Corrosion resistance, even in salt water applications Extreme temperature-resistance, even in a burning building Excellent electrical conductivity

Product Image (DC800T)

Real Time Control Die Casting Machine

Price: 130000-140000 USD ($)

Whole process close loop control to ensure product quality repeatability Multi-stage speed control to provide flexible process control setting Constant acceleration slow speed injection to reduce porosity defect

Product Image (DC400T)

Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine

  • Supply Ability:30 sets Per Month
  • Delivery Time:45 days after receiving deposit Days